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Written in Stone


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Who Said This? “The Ten Commandments are . . . unsuited and inadequate to modern needs.”

The answer is the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (Man and Superman) — but it could have been any number of modern-day skeptics.

The once “shocking” views of such skeptics are now held by countless millions and sustained by unceasing propaganda from Hollywood, public schools, the government, and the pervasive media. The result? A widespread moral meltdown, unprecedented in human history, whose catastrophic consequences are just beginning to be felt and fully understood.

The good news is there is hope. But the hour is even later than when Fr. P. J. Gannon spelled out our stark choices some sixty-five years ago:

“Humanity has really two courses open to it — to get back to clear thinking and right moral principles, or to continue its perilous drift toward the abyss.”

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