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The World of Marian Apparitions



The world-changing appearance of Our Lady at Fatima ushered in a continuing series of remarkable apparitions worldwide that the Church has either officially approved or marked as likely-authentic. Author and Mariologist Wincenty Laszewski summarizes the powerful and urgent messages of these apparitions in this unparalleled, encyclopedic work-instantly the new standard on the subject. Most of these riveting chapters include portentous warnings – some are ominous, others more hopeful. This stunning book serves as a wake-up call to the faithful and is a worldwide clarion call to deeper prayer and conversion. It includes:

Over 400 pages describing the fully documented miracles and visions
Fascinating accounts by eyewitnesses, including non-believers
50+ maps of locations and pilgrimage sites
Photos and illustrations: documents, events, and faces of the visionaries
The finest works of art and reproductions of Our Lady
Each message and appearance is analyzed and quoted precisely. Their sheer abundance is enough to absorb believing Catholics-and many a skeptic-from all walks of life and reading habits. A partial listing of those described includes:

Fatima, Portugal, 1917: The Message of Fatima
Basel, Switzerland, 1917: Mystical Wounds
Fatima, Portugal, 1921: Mother of Obedience
Pontevedra, Spain, 1925: Contemplative Mother of God
Banneux, Belgium, 1933: Virgin of the Poor
Heede, Germany, 1937: Queen of the Poor Souls in Purgatory
Siekierki, Poland, 1943: Holy Mother Teacher of Youth
Tre Fontane, Italy, 1947: Virgin of Revelation
Warsaw, Poland, 1948: Dispenser of Divine Omnipotence
Ngome, Africa, 1955: Mary, Tabernacle of the Most High
Rome City, USA, 1956-9: Most Holy Mary, Lady of America
Zeitoun, Egypt, 1968: Silent Lady
Akita, Japan, 1973: Apocalyptic Madonna
Deir el-Ahmar, Lebanon, 1976: Virgin Mary of the Maronites
Asdee, Ireland, 1985: Madonnas in Motion
Hruszew, Ukraine, 1987: Madonna of Kiev

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