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The Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich Book I, Hardcover



Together, the three books in this series incorporate all 350 of James Tissot’s paintings of the life of Jesus, themselves largely inspired by his reading of the visions of Emmerich in the late 1800s, as well as new material, some translated for the first time from Clemens Brentano’s original notes of the visions.

On the basis of comprehensive chronological and geographic studies by Fr. Helmut Fahsel and Dr. Robert Powell, the years of Jesus’s ministry are presented as a day-by-day chronicle, and appendices supplied illustrating how this was achieved. Brief summaries offer a preview of most days of the ministry to prepare readers before they embark upon the more extensive version in the full text. A Dramatis Personae provides separate short articles–drawn from the visions and supplemented by translations from the recently published notebooks of Clemens Brentano–on the lives of the Apostles, of Lazarus and his friends, and of the Holy Women, as well as an account of the Enemies and Adversaries of Jesus.

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