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The Vision for You by David Clayton

The Vision for You is the name of a process by which we, who have been through it, discovered our true calling in life – what we call our ‘personal vocation.’



Through this process we discovered the Great Fact – that we have a choice in life. We can choose to be happy or to be miserable. The goal is to be happy and to become, more and more, the people we were meant to be. We aim to lead a life that is a good, true, and beautiful path to a better life. We call this path the Way of Beauty. I believe that anyone who has a sense that their lives ought to be more fulfilled can benefit from this book if they are prepared to follow its directions as best they can. This book is a description of the transformation of life through a set of spiritual exercises called the Vision for You – it is a structured ‘process,’ or ‘program,’ of prayer, reflection, and good works. You don’t have to be Catholic, or even Christian for this process to work – you just need to be open-minded enough to do what is suggested. The principles in this book come from the ancient tradition of Western spirituality going right back to the Church Fathers. You don’t need to accept the Christian understanding of why it works in order for it to work. You just need to take the actions it describes and be willing to believe that there is a God. In other words, act as though he exists regardless of whether you believe it.

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