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The Bible and the Liturgy

This work offers a synthesis of the meaning of the sacramental rites and feasts. It should be of use to those who are interested in learning, and in instructing others in, the meaning of Christianity.



To a deplorable extent, Christians accept Church rituals as sacred but baffling heirlooms from the Church’s past. It is to remedy this situation that Father Daniélou has written this book. The Bible and the Liturgy illuminates, better than has ever before been done, the vital and meaningful bond between Bible and liturgy. Father Daniélou aims at bringing clearly before his reader’s minds the fact that the Church’s liturgical rites and feasts are intended, not only to transmit the grace of the sacraments, but to instruct the faithful in their meaning as well as the meaning of the whole Christian life. It is through the sacraments in their role as signs that we learn. So that their value will be appreciated, Daniélou attempts to help us rediscover the significance of these rites so that the sacraments may once again be thought of as the prolongation of the great works of God in the Old Testament and the New.


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