The Artist & The Image



St. Edith Stein’s vision of artistic creation and its relationship to personal formation is a transforming vision for the world today. She considered the arts as a “treasure” which enriched her entire life. Her culminating assertion that “All genuine art is revelation and all artistic creation is sacred service,” reveals the artwork as a bearer of value which carries out a significant communicative role. It is the revelation of the divine archetype and the mimetic response which it demands from its perceiver which lies at the heart of Stein’s vision of artistic and personal formation.

In her own life, St. Edith Stein achieved this lived communication in her continual search for the truth and ultimate witness of martyrdom for the Catholic faith in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942. This final act of response to the divine reality, in imitation of Christ’s sacrificing and selfless love, reveals beyond any words or writings that truth which transformed Stein’s life, and communicates as a masterpiece in the realm of faith.

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