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Surfer’s Guide to the Soul


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World-champion surfer and adventurer Bear Woznick has spent decades on the ocean, riding its waves. He doesn’t stand on the shore with his toes in the sand; he goes out into the deep water to watch and wait ― and, if need be, to paddle hard to survive.

In this compelling spiritual memoir, Bear takes you on a journey from the “mountain waves” of Hawaii to “the Wedge” of Newport Beach, California, showing how his experience surfing led him to a profound encounter with God: “Wave after timeless wave breaking on the shore drew me into a contemplation of God’s eternity.”

Journey with Bear through the winter and summer swells of his life, and how he learned to become a “soul surfer.” Drawing from decades of his own reflections and growth, he’ll show you how to:

Go into the deep to find communion and intimacy with God
Be bold and decisive even when there’s no surf in sight
Attune your soul to God, like a tandem surfboarder, and plunge into the waves
Surrender yourself to the Creator, just as a surfer abandons himself to an epic wave
Let go, rest in God, and allow Him to work in your life
Detach from the false comforts of the world to be free, like a surfer leaving the shore
Enter the ocean’s solitude and be transformed to contemplate God face-to-face
Humble yourself before the awesome power of God so He can raise you up over the waves

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