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Primacy of Christ

A  work exploring the patristic character of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s writings.



What comes to mind when you hear the term “primacy of Christ”? Perhaps that Jesus is number one, or that he is the Lord of the universe? Using the wealth of our tradition on Christ’s primacy, this book compels us to pause and search the profound depths of our basic Christian claim on the universal preeminence of Christ. Upholding the writings of Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI as exemplary representation of how the early Christian awareness of Christ’s primacy helps us to interpret the present age, this book displays a symphonic harmony between our ancient Christian heritage and the ongoing conversations about the authentic interpretation of Scripture, the human person, the last things, and the church. Central to this symphonic harmony of our tradition is the use of analogy whereby the incarnation helps us to better understand the similarity between the created things and the mystery of God. To better understand how Ratzinger uses the writings of the fathers of the church to draw us more deeply into the depths of Christ is what the correctives offered to some scholars in this book intends to accomplish. What emerges is the ecumenical significance of Joseph Ratzinger’s contribution to the modern debate on analogy of being (analogia entis), identifying Christ’s primacy as the point of synthesis between analogia entis and analogia fidei.


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