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Discussed are four different aspects of poverty in the light of the Gospel message of Christ: negative material poverty, positive material poverty, negative spiritual poverty, positive spiritual poverty.



In four chapters – corresponding to the four meditations conducted by the author for the Papal Household in Advent 1994 – Father Cantalamessa deals with each of four different aspects of poverty in the light of the Gospel message of Christ: (1) Negative material poverty, an unfortunate social condition endured by far too many which is dehumanizing and must be combated; (2) Positive material poverty, an evangelical ideal which liberates people from their inordinate attachments to the things of this world; (3) Negative spiritual poverty, sometimes referred to as the poverty of the rich because it is characterized by the absence of spiritual wealth and of truly human values; and (4) Positive spiritual poverty, otherwise known as the wealth of the poor, the finest blossom on the tree of biblical poverty. Following the example of St. Francis of Assisi who wrote: “I warn all the brothers and exhort them not to despise or judge those whom they see wearing soft and fine clothing, and enjoying luxuries in food and drink; each one should rather judge and despise himself,” the author shows how wealth, properly appreciated and used in the service of the poor, can actually be a source of blessing and peace.


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