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Life of Christ by Ricciotti


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Fr. Ricciotti details what Our Lord’s life was like from His infancy and childhood through His public ministry, teachings, miracles, Passion, death, and Resurrection. He unpacks the theological significance of each scriptural event — including the three Paschs of Jesus’ life — in light of the Old Testament and the traditions of the time and provides abundant insights to enrich your meditation throughout. Furthermore, he adds dimension and color to key individuals in the life of Jesus, from Our Lady and St. Joseph to St. John the Baptist and the Apostles.

Additionally, you will learn about significant Jewish customs and religious practices, which will illuminate your understanding of how Jesus lived and worshipped. Fr. Riccioti evaluates documents from Flavius Joseph and Roman writers to Christian sources that are not contained in the New Testament. Whether considering the miraculous or the scientific aspects of each mystery, you will see the relevance of these events and how they relate to the concerns of our day, to help you grow in holiness and in imitation of our Lord.

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