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Dream Bigger


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This is a book for world-changers ― for people ready to lay down everything in order to discover the adventure that God has in store for their lives.

Dream Bigger unlocks your capacity to dream God-sized dreams and gives the Church encouragement to start dreaming in big, bold ways again! This day-by-day journey helps Christians not only to discover God’s dream for their lives but to start taking real steps toward accomplishing those dreams.

Author and EWTN host Dan DeMatte presents twenty-one days of meditations that sincere Catholics need to perform if they desire to live their lives for Jesus. DeMatte lays out a three-week, step-by-step plan to help you navigate your way to a life ― or life-altering ― decision. Daily activations and reflective questions will not only inspire you but actually propel you to lasting change.

DeMatte also shows you how to prepare yourself ― with hard work and prayerful planning ― to begin pursuing the dreams you’ve felt called to pursue but have continually put off. You will overcome your fear of failure and grow in intimacy with Jesus.

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