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Divinization: Becoming Icons of Christ through the Liturgy

A collection of essays by Dominican friar, Andrew Hofer, on the role of the Liturgy in Divinization and Theosis.



Written as an accessible introduction to the often misunderstood Catholic teaching on divinization, this remarkable study examines the claim that God transforms the Christian people through the Church’s liturgy to share in his divine nature. Although the essays in this collection vary in both authorship and in focus, the work as a whole forms a coherent introduction to the way in which God makes the faithful in the pews partakers in his divine nature through the action of the liturgy. Featuring essays by David W. Fagerberg, Andrew D. Swafford, Daria Spezzano, Michael G. Sirilla, and Andrew Hofer, OP, this remarkable collection explores the Church’s teachings on divinization in relation to Scripture, liturgical theology, pastoral teaching, liturgical renewal, and evangelization.

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