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Diary of an American Exorcist

Msgr. Rosetti shares what it is like, on a daily basis, to face demons who revile, threaten, and sometimes spiritually “wound” him.



Exorcist Msgr. Stephen Rossetti has a very active caseload of demonic possessions, and in each case two vivid lessons consistently emerge: demons possess or harass people in a myriad of ways (even when they do not enter a body), and they are defeated decisively by the power of Christ and His Church―and especially by invocations to the Blessed Mother.

In these pages, Msgr. Rossetti gives us an inside look at the intense experiences of an exorcist. He shares, without hype or varnish, what it is like, on a daily basis, to face demons who revile, threaten, and sometimes spiritually “wound” him. He describes the healing power of Christ for the possessed and for the exorcist, and reveals amazing moments when Christ and His Church visibly triumph over Satan. The reader is afforded a unique glimpse into the world of angels and demons, and the struggles of the possessed and those who minister to them.

In this stunning, edifying, true diary of an American exorcist, you’ll learn:

  • What demonic possession is, and is not
  • The factors and preconditions of possession
  • Common tactics of Satan and his typical lies
  • How God protects exorcists
  • The difference between strong and weak possessions
  • The hierarchy of demons (not all are equal)
  • What it’s like for an exorcist to face Lucifer himself
  • Why demons choke people or at times focus on parts of the body
  • Why God does indeed “put Satan on a short leash”
  • Why humans can be attacked by demons, rare though it is
  • How demons fear and hate one another too
  • Why many devils can possess or infest one person
  • How anger “feeds” demons
  • How to cast out demons of fear

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