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The Prayer Book For Tired Parents


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Most new parents expect to lose sleep, savings, and serenity, but many don’t anticipate how their spiritual lives will be impacted by the birth of a child. Investing in your family’s spiritual well-being before new members arrive will give you a fresh mindset for embracing your vocation and will help you to find godly purpose in the midst of the excitement to come. This is a book that will help you develop a home brimming with love, peace, and faith that will help your family get to Heaven.

The Prayer Book for Tired Parents includes relatable, real-life reflections on the struggles that parents with young children face, as well as heartwarming stories on how they can make you a stronger parent and a better Catholic. You’ll also find traditional prayers and popular devotions related to parenting, along with a list of reverent reminders to facilitate family prayer and practice of the Faith.

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