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Do You Want to Be Healed?


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Jesus asks that question several times in the Bible—of the woman at the well, Bartimaeus the blind man, the woman caught in adultery, the rich young man—and he asks the same of you as well.

Do You Want to Be Healed? is a 10-day personal retreat that uses a healing process similar to the one found in the author Bob Schuchts’s bestselling book Be Healed.

Each day of the do-it-yourself retreat engages you with a question Jesus asked his followers and uses the traditional practice of lectiodivina (divine reading) to dive into a scriptural scene where Jesus heals the spiritually and physically sick.

Through the five movements of reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation, and action, you will encounter the biblical figures who received the healing words of Jesus, you will undergo your own spiritual healing and discover your personal response to Jesus’s most probing questions, including:

Do you want to be made well?
What are you thinking in your heart?
Has no one condemned you?
Can you drink the cup?
Have you come to believe? and
Do you love me more than these?

Through these questions and the healing answering them brings about, you will come to understand the principles of spiritual healing—such as facing your brokenness, acknowledging your sin and shame, and discovering the healing power of the sacraments—Schuchts shares in Be Healed.

Those who have already read Be Healed will be drawn deeper into their healing with a refresher on the core principles of Schuchts’s work. The book is also perfect for those who want to begin the process of spiritual healing. Do You Want to Be Healed? also is an essential resource for pastors, spiritual directors, therapists, and those who help lead others in an integration of their human and spiritual formation.

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