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The Catholic Church Saved My Marriage


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“The Catholic Church saved my marriage
and, quite possibly, my life.”
So begins David Anders in this remarkably forthright book. In it, David reports that by the early 2000s, his marriage was so painful that he and his wife had just one thing in common: contempt for each other.

Today, he and his wife are extremely happy together not because of marriage therapy, but because they came to know and fully embraced the Catholic Church s teachings on marriage.

Many people who encounter the Church s teachings are shocked by their rigor. Yet the Church offers much more than rules about sexual restraint; she offers a way to make marriage into something supernatural, even mystical.

Here Dr. Anders shares his personal discovery and offers a robust defense of the Church s teaching on marriage even the most controversial topics of divorce, remarriage, gay marriage, and contraception.

With the Church s teachings and the writings of the saints as his guide, he also offers practical, time-tested ways to live in peace despite an unhappy marriage, the value of suffering, and ways to overcome reluctance to forgive grave offenses.

In a culture that breaks apart marriages and undermines human dignity, Dr. David Anders offers a hope-filled alternative for those who live moral and spiritual lives in union with Christ and His Church.

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